Reserve a Seat

Traveling between San Diego and LA? Reduce your carbon footprint and save money with our $49 city-to-city rideshare service. Offering multiple connections between San Diego and LA each day, our clean luxury shuttles carry you back and forth in comfort. Thanks to our custom app, you can pick your seat, pay, and determine pickup/dropoff locations in one place.

Using Cloudseat is as easy as four simple steps:

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Choose Pickup & Destination Locations

We offer five different pickup/destination locations within and between San Diego and LA, so it’s easy to choose starting and ending points for your trip.

Pick a Van & Trip Time

We offer pickups throughout the day, so all you have to do is select the van that will roll in when you need it.

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Reserve Your Seat

The app will guide you through the seat selection process so you’ll know exactly where to sit.


Pay $49 and Enjoy the Savings

At your pickup location, the driver will scan the code on your phone for quick and convenient payment.

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Sit Back and Relax

Our brand new shuttles feature free WiFi and comfortable seating so you can make the most of your time with us.

We’re privileged to bring world-class rideshare services to San Diego and LA, and we look forward to becoming a regular part of your life. Cloudseat your trip today and experience city-to-city transportation the way it was meant to be.