Why Riding with Others Is Better than Riding Alone

During the last ice age, which ended around 11, 000 years ago, people originating from parts of Asia traveled to North and South America. In those days, the only way to get around was walking. It was a slow and dangerous journey. Tribes of people learned to band together to remain safe against large predators. Present-day people travel very differently, yet even in this modern age, the concept of safety in numbers still holds. Of course, we no longer worry about wild animals eating us. The dangers of traveling today are nevertheless just as real and plentiful as ever. People are driving while texting or not concentrating while speeding down the expressway at 70/MPH. These bad driving habits are common on America’s roads.

At CloutSeat, which is a city to city rideshare service, it’s our business to keep you SAFE. To ensure your safety, we employ only the most professional drivers. Our team of well trained and experienced drivers will lead you to your destination safely and always on time.

Unlike a crowded bus, our spacious shuttles carry 14 passengers, and we have designated waiting rooms for your safety, privacy, and comfort. The advantages of our city to city rideshare service are many and even include limiting everyday wear and tear on your car. We will take care of the tires and oil changes, so you don’t have to. Our commercial shuttle fleet is well maintained in our facility by our team of trusted mechanics.

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Travel In the future is going to be very different from today in terms of the fuels we’ll use to power our cars. Even now, the types of machines we use to get around town are evolving and changing. Indeed In the past five years, we have seen an explosion of new ways to transport people. Commuters of today have never had more options to travel.

Smartphones and communications technology allow us to connect to our passengers in real-time like never before. CloudSeat uses this logistical data. We carry out sophisticated analysis so you are linked with other passengers who will ride together in a shuttle. The result allows us to make driving in California more efficient and cost-effective via our city to city rideshare service.

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Reducing the number of vehicles on the road is an essential goal for the State of California. There is a strong movement to be more efficient and less wasteful. Our state has a lot of traffic, and the San Diego Freeway is one of America’s busiest roads. Here, traffic jams are an everyday occurrence. We offer a helping hand and a solution for those who commute between Los Angeles and San Diego regularly. When you purchase a seat on a Cloud Seat Shuttle, you are also contributing to our world. Download our App for free and buy a seat for only $49. Save your hard-earned money on the way to work while our drivers deal with the traffic.