How Intercity Ridesharing App Cloudseat is Redefining the Way You Commute?

Overcrowded trains and Buses from San Diego to Los Angeles bother you? Do you always end up exhausted after long-distance commutes? Switch to the best intercity ridesharing app Cloudseat that has emerged a game-changer in business commutes from San Diego to LA and vice versa. Well, commuting doesn’t always have to be an overwhelming experience. 

At Cloudseat, we make it a living reality. No matter if the distance is as long as 120 miles or even more, we always weave in a cozy commute experience.

When it comes to commute, either it is for business or pleasure, we are steps ahead of the other ridesharing services. With a plan to bring electric Vans to work, we will be able to contribute to a greener and healthier environment. We have invested in the future of travel and would be the first ones to get our hands on the Electric Vans as soon as they are Ready and tested. But for now, With one of our Vans we are taking 10 cars off the road. It’s just the beginning and we are all set to go a long way in providing a world-class commute experience not just in Southern California, but around the world as well.

Commuting with Cloudseat comes with a gamut of benefits and some of them include:


  • Keep Wait times to Minimal         


Waiting at crowded bus stations or train stations isn’t your kind of thing? Then, the intercity ridesharing app Cloudseat is a perfect way for you to commute. Waiting isn’t just boring but overwhelming too that we acknowledge. So we have kept little to no room for them in our city-to-city ridesharing service offering. Travel with us from San Diego to LA as we value your precious time.Our exclusive lounge at the San Diego Station has all the luxury amenities to complement your wait time, which is usually kept minimal. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or sit on the couch in the lounge before we pick you up on a cozy ride.


  • Book Rides Online in a Jiffy                 


Love convenience while booking your long-distance rides? Well, who doesn’t? But That’s not always the case when you opt for other intercity rideshare services. With Clouseat App, a couple of taps is all you need to book your exact seat on the ride you desire.

You just have to download the Cloudseat app from the Google Play Store or App Store, signup in a jiffy and book rides in a few taps at your convenient time. It’s as easy as it sounds! Booking long-distance rides couldn’t be simpler and quicker than this. It’s because we truly value you.



  • Travel Intercity Without Hassles  


Are you a businessman, a working professional or a student who daily commutes from San Diego to Los Angeles and vice versa? Are you constantly worried about the time you spend on travelling and keep thinking if you will arrive on time or not? It’s where people turn to Cloudseat. We will get you to your destination in the approximate time for the ride you select, without unplanned stops or worrying if the car doesn’t have enough fuel that day?, if the boarding line is too long? or if there is a seat available for me on the coming bus? because we took care of all that and more so you don’t have to. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your ride!

At Cloudseat, we weave in the best ridesharing experience. We acknowledge that getting late to work takes a toll on your reputation at the workplace, so we eliminate all hassles which hinder your timelines. Cloudseat gives you an upper hand than most of the intercity ridesharing services in Southern California.


  • Work As You Commute             


Never leave your work behind, no matter if you are traveling with us from downtown LA to downtown San Diego or vice versa. At Cloudseat, we understand that entrepreneurship isn’t limited to the work desk and you need to work as and when your business demands. It could be during your commute as well and we are ready to offer you the top amenities to support your work needs during the commute hours. 

Be it about the ergonomic seats to accommodate your spine or quick access to the fastest Wi-Fi network, we are there to support you. You can even use our lounge to work as you wait for the shuttle to arrive or have unlimited shots of caffeine. We don’t charge anything extra for these perks.


  • Get Access to the Finest Fleet of Vehicles      


When you have to commute long-distance, traveling in the finest class of vehicles is a blessing in disguise. Cloudseat gives you that much-needed convenience. Offering access to the finest fleet of vehicles for a cozy traveling experience, we help you ride city to city without getting exhausted. 

Our finest range of vehicles includes access to Ford Transit 350 Midroof and GMC Yukon, that contribute to a greener environment by reducing the number of vehicles on road. Our vehicles are spacious with comfy seating. We use the latest make and model of vehicles that are in the best shape for comfort travel.


  • Safety and Cloudseat  


With Cloudseat, you stay in full control over each of your activities before and during the commute. With the tracking of your vehicle’s real-time location, you could monitor each update and activity during your travel. Our Backend team is constantly keeping track of the location of the van, speed of the van , any sudden brakes, sudden accelerations or sharp turns the van takes.

Offering you peace of mind is always our prime concern. This is the reason we put you in full control over your commute activity. The vans are equipped with internal and external cameras that record the activity around the clock.

Wrapping it Up

Forget the crowded trains and flights that end up making your commute even more hectic. A businessman, working professional or a student like you should never settle for less and we are the best bet. Just ride with the top intercity ridesharing app Cloudseat that takes the hassle out of commutes. Riding with us means more comfort, more savings and less time relatively which you would not find in most of the intercity rideshare services. 

Switch to us as we are on the way to redefine your commute experience. From downtown San Diego to downtown Los Angeles, we are setting up a whole new tone for business commutes that you haven’t had the chance to experience yet. Book a ride now to experience the Cloudseat difference.