Cloudseat Offers Whole Van and SUV Booking for Intercity Commuters

It’s rightly said that traveling is the best therapy. But, if it makes a burning hole in your pocket you may not enjoy the trip your heart desired. Keeping this in mind, Cloudseat Technologies, as a tech start-up, has already launched a city to city rideshare app. This app enables you to book a seat or more on the Ford Transit 350 van with up to 14 seats.

This long-distance rideshare app also provides you three stops along the way in Carlsbad, Mission Viejo, and Anaheim making it more convenient for employees, entrepreneurs, commuters, and other travelers from San Diego to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to San Diego.

Now, we are also providing an hourly booking service of the whole van with up to 14 seats or GMC Yukon SUV with up to 7 seats for personal trips in and around these two cities. Cloudseat provides comfortable, convenient, and seamless travel with up to 35% discount to first-time users. We also provide good amenities, such as Wi-Fi and a personal chauffeur to enjoy the experience of a premium vehicle.  Also, we claim to be the only hourly booking service in San Diego.

Now let us discuss which of your travel purposes will be achieved.

Booking for Events – Let’s just assume that you are having a private bachelor party somewhere in and around San Diego. If you book a whole van or SUV from our rideshare app you will be able to take your guests and their luggage in a single-vehicle and will be able to enjoy the trip with your friends along the way. Also, it will save you the cost of having separate parking and fuel. Similarly, you can also book whole vans or SUVs for wedding parties, reunions, etc. Cloudseat offers you a seamless and comfortable journey with complimentary Wi-Fi at an affordable price.

Booking for Leisure – Traveling together is always better than traveling alone. It saves you time, money and also it is eco-friendly as you get only one vehicle on the road rather than getting 4-5 cars on the road for your family’s leisurely trips. You are probably accustomed to the high traffic of Southern California roads. So, it’s better to get all of our family members in one van or SUV so you can spend your time with your family and enjoy the trip along the way, instead of getting stuck in bad traffic in different cars. Book the whole van or SUV from Cloudseat’s rideshare app for your family picnics, sightseeing planning, small family trip in and around San Diego. Our vans and SUV’s are very comfortable and also come with a personal chauffeur for your convenience.

Company Booking- Cloudseat is a perfect solution for attending company meetings, conferences, and other promotional events of your company with your team. It is a hefty job to reach the location in time along with dealing with high charges of other modes of transportation. Also, you have to deal with uncomfortable journeys crammed in a small car or slow bus. Forget all these hassles and book your van or SUV through our rideshare app and get your team to the said pick-up points. Cloudseat will ensure a convenient and seamless journey in and around San Diego.

Group Travel- Now planning your long-awaited group travel is at your fingertips. You just have to download Cloudseat’s rideshare app and book a whole van or SUV for an hourly basis. Then just gather your group or team at the pick-up point on your scheduled time and board the ride. We will also provide you with good amenities to support your needs during the journey. So, start planning your next road trip with friends and book a whole van or SUV from our city-to-city rideshare app.

VIP Booking- Cloudseat also provides whole SUV booking in the case of VIP guests. If you are a company owner and have to travel from Los Angeles to San Diego, then try booking the whole SUV for your business trips. You can continue to connect with your peers and now can conduct your business on the road using our complimentary Wi-Fi inside the SUV. Cloudseat provides a convenient and comfortable journey for CEO and Company guests with complete privacy and safety. We also assure on-time arriving at the venue.

Vegas Getaway- As Cloudseat provides the only hourly booking service in San Diego, you can also plan for a Vegas getaway which is only 5 hours from San Diego. We are there to support you be it about the ergonomic seats to accommodate your spine or quick access to the fastest Wi-Fi network. Also, you don’t have to worry about the routes as you will get the whole van or SUV booked for you with a personal chauffeur who is well accustomed to the roads and ensures your comfortable journey. So, don’t wait any longer to plan a Vegas getaway, just download our rideshare app and get going soon.


Cloudseat offers you ultimate comfort in long-distance travel experience, be it for any purpose. Booking a whole van or SUV is quite reasonable compared to other modes of transportation for any road trip. Additionally, it is also eco-friendly as up to 14 people can travel together in one vehicle instead of traveling by separate personal cars, thereby, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emission. Cloudseat also gives you a fair chance to save on fuel and parking charges. Also, you will get an additional 30% discount on your first ride. So, you can say Cloudseat is an upgraded alternative of personally driven cars that is also economic and eco-friendly. With a commitment to continuously introducing the latest technology into our fleet of shuttles, Cloudseat is the future pioneer of green travel within the United States.

Our rideshare app makes it very easy and hassle-free to book standard to premium category vans or SUV’s for 7- 14 people for long-distance travel between San Diego and Los Angeles. Cloudseat uses cutting edge technology integration in the mobility industry to provide you cost-effective and comfortable long-distance rideshare journey.