4 Benefits of City-To-City Ridesharing

At Cloudseat, we are proud to provide Southern California with seamless, affordable transportation between San Diego and Los Angeles. While other popular rideshare apps, such as Uber and Lyft, can cost users hundreds of dollars for long-distance rideshare, Cloudseat offers city-to-city mobility at a price that users can actually afford. In this blog post, we discuss four benefits of city-to-city ridesharing, versus using personal or rental cars. Download Cloudseat today to enjoy a 30% discount off your first ride. 


Southern California is notorious for having some of the worst traffic pollution in the entire world. At Cloudseat, we aim to reduce SoCal’s carbon footprint by offering a superior alternative to personal or rental cars. Between 2000 and 2015, private car ownership in SoCal rose from 1.7 to 2.4 vehicles per household, contributing to the area’s increasingly congested freeways and greater and more lethal levels of carbon dioxide in the area. One of our guiding principles is that technology can pave the way for greater eco-consciousness and interconnectivity. That’s why we’re taking personal cars off of Southern California’s roads and replacing them with multi-user shuttles. With just one Cloudseat vehicle replacing up to fourteen individual cars, our potential to counteract Southern California’s notorious traffic and air pollution problem is huge. 


Every driver knows that city-to-city travel can be a pain, especially in large cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles. In addition to the inconvenience (and expensive) or having to fuel up your vehicle, you also have to navigate brutal traffic, find an appropriate place to park, and deal with a variety of other inconveniences. At Cloudseat, we take the hassle out of long-distance travel for you by providing you with a comfortable, convenient place to relax as you let our experienced drivers do the hard work for you. 

Thanks to our app’s intuitive interface, city-to-city travel is easier than ever before. After downloading the app, users simply choose a destination, reserve their preferred seat on one of Cloudseat’s standard or premium vehicles, proceed to payment, and then show up at the pick-up point on time. All of our shuttles are WiFi-equipped, so you can use your devices for work or entertainment en route, and we also offer premium vehicles, featuring additional amenities such as 4K TVs. 


With Southern California’s streets being some of the most congested in the country, it’s no wonder why automobile accidents are rife. In fact, one person on average is killed in a Los Angeles traffic collision every 40 hours. At least 93% of these accidents are due to driver error, compared to roadway faults, with many of the drivers at fault being intoxicated. With Cloudseat, you never have to worry about being in unsafe hands. All of our drivers are screened, trained, and experienced in driving multi-passenger vehicles. 

If you’ve spent a night out on the town in LA or San Diego and are unsure if you can safely drive home, Cloudseat has got you covered. Our affordable city-to-city ridesharing service is perfect for individuals who want to avoid long-distance driving while intoxicated. While the high prices for city-to-city transport offered by other rideshare services may deter some people from making the safe choice, Cloudseat’s flat rate of $49 for transport between LA and San Diego makes the decision not to drive drunk an easy one. 


While the cost for city-to-city travel via a personal or rental car may seem minimal, expenses can quickly add up. Between paying for parking, fueling, insurance, and any possible accidents, what at first seemed like an affordable trip can soon turn into an astronomical one. When you choose Cloudseat for city-to-city transport, you don’t have to worry about the usual expenses of long-distance travel, or any unexpected mishaps along the way. Unlike other rideshare apps, there are no hidden costs or fees. Every time you travel between Los Angeles and San Diego with us, you only have to pay a flat rate of $49. First-time users can also enjoy a 30% discount on their first ride. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Cloudseat is your go-to source for quick, easy, and affordable city-to-city transport between Los Angeles and San Diego. We also take three stops en route, in Carlsbad, Dana, Point, and Anaheim, and offer adjustable rates depending on your place of pick-up and drop-off. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, commuter, or simply love to travel, download Clouseat today to begin exploring Southern California with ease.